Images not loading on webpage

Hi Guys,

It is first time here and I need immediate help.

I am a newbie coder and I have just recently completed my portfolio. When I first deployed my portfolio on github pages everything worked well and images for my project section were showing but during my last commit the images are now showing as broken. I am using VS code and when I launch the live server the images are showing fine.

Please help me. Here is my link

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Now its 404!
Did you enable GitHub pages from Settings?
Your repository doesn’t show any environments.

Hey, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I have found the issue regarding images incorrectly loading on your GitHub Pages site. It seems that most of your images end in an uppercase extension instead of a lowercase extension (e.g. “JPG” instead of “jpg”). Directories are case-sensitive in your HTML file, so you must update them. I have tried this on your site and have gotten them to work:

<!--Use this-->
<img src="images/Capture1.JPG" alt="">
<!--Instead of...-->
<img src="images/Capture1.jpg" alt="">

Hope this helps!

I got it to work by changing the slash. Thanks though

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