Images loading very slow on github pages

hello, i am facing a issue on image loading…

I’m hosting some of my static websites on github.
like this one-

bt the problem is the images used in those websites are loading very very slow…I dont know why bt a few days ago everything was working just fine…Is it a issue of github or my profile, i dont know…can someone help me with the issue.


I’ve opened the website and all the images were loaded in realtime. Since I’ve never visited it before, nothing was cached. Could be an issue with your ISP (e.g. a routing through a slow node).

Try opening the website using different proxies (after clearing the cache), you might bypass the node causing you the problem.

i dont think there is a caching or isp issue…because i tried with other wifi too…I found a article about bandwidth limit of 1GB…That might be the issue.

Hello, I think this is indeed an issue with something your end, as stated by @tajmone. I have also just visited your website and everything loaded quickly. The lighthouse speed test I just performed also shows that it does indeed load quickly via there servers also.

If it was a bandwidth limit, we would all be experiencing issues with load time.

I dont know what happened bt the issue seems to be solved…I did not change any code or any settings.

It was probably a cache issue, very normal. In the future, try clearing your cache, but at least it is solved now. :smiley:

I wasn’t aware of the Lighthouse tool, thanks for mentioning it @baileyjm02!

@abid-shahriar, probably you were being routed through an overloaded internet node. When similar issues happen you can always trace your routing paths, some tools should be able to provide per-node diagnostics.