Images in Github wiki are not being served due to CSP violation

According to this article, the current CSP for images is as follows:

img-src 'self' data: * * *;

Within a wiki page in my own repository, I have the following content:

<img src="images/postgresql/pgAdmin_welcome.png" />

Which resolves to the following HTTP request:

This URL should be allowed by the img-src CSP since it should match *, but it fails. The other interesting element of the HTTP request is that it initially requests to:

This 302 redirects over to:

But the content type in the response says ‘text/html’. Here’s a screengrab of my chrome console:

Does anyone know what is going wrong here? These images did work once, but now any image that is referencing the local wiki path is just failing.

Thanks for any guidance!

I’ve opened a ticket with github and hopefully will get support there.