Images don't shown - Security Certificate and 404 error

Hi to all,

Although there are more 404 page errors I didn’t found the solution for my problem.

I run a repository for months,  and without any reason all the images  have stopped seeing any more in files, even if I try to access the files directly, I see nothing, or in the case I try to download the image at first I’ve received a Security Certificate HSTS error. After fixed the browser to by-pass this error, I’ve reveived always a 404 error page. I was looking in other github pages with images with the same result, so it seems a security problem with the domain that contains the images:  that my browsers do not know how to solve.

I’m using Firefox and Opera both failed…

This is one of the images that return the error below.

Thank you in advance


Hi @janushl,

Thank you for being here and our apologies for the delayed response, this issue should be solved now. Are you still having errors?



It seems solved… images are seen again

Thank you for solve the problem.

Best regards