Images are not updated

Hello everyone.

When I upload a change of an existing images, changes are not displayed in pages. The old image keeps appearing in the page for many days (about 3 or 4).

This is not about a browser cache because the old image keeps displaying regardless of the device I use.

When I search the image in the repo, the new image is displayed, but in the published page, the old image remain for 3 or 4 days.

How can I clean the cache or what else can I do? I don’t want to upload the image but with different name when a new change comes up.

Thank you

Jorge Rivero
PayU Latam

I assume you’re using GitHub Pages? Did you deploy your changes?
Can you provide some more context like the GitHub repository URL, steps to reproduce etc.?

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As @Zerotask said, give more context , maybe you update the source but not in the GitHub Page branch (happend to me more than 1 :sweat_smile: time)