Image URL not showing

The background images are not showing properly.
I believe the issue is an incorrect path to each image.
The gitpage is hosting via the gpages branch.

----Things Tried----

The images are in a folder called images so I expected /images/layer-peach.svg or lee-frontend-portfolio/images/layer-peach.svg to work.

I’ve changed the link to the stylesheet to:

From Which is code generated from SASS.

I’ve set the index file in the root along with a test image. During testing, I was still unable to still unable to get the images to show.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
I followed the instructions on this site for the solution:

The problem was due to directing the url path from the root to the images folder instead of from the CSS file to the root to the images folder.

Original code:
background-image: url(“images/layered-waves-haikei.svg”);
New code:
background-image: url("…/images/layered-waves-haikei.svg");

The reason I didn’t find this solution while troubleshooting was that I wasn’t waiting long enough for the gitpage to propagate. In my cause, I’ve found that it takes 20 to 30min for a change to be reflected. A better way would’ve been to debug via a developer tool.

Hope that helps anyone with similar issues!