Image Path when the file isn't in the root


When i have my image in a folder named “Image” and my file “” is in the Root, then i access the picture “pix.jpg” with the path “image\pix.jpg”. But how i access the the picture, when the file “” is in a subfolder?

That means “” ist in the folder “/_posts” and the pictures are in the folder “/image”. I tryed with the prefix “[repository]/image/pix.jpg”. Nothing works. Please a little information to solve my confusion.



Hey there @petergyger, help’s arrived. 

You can reference static files (like images) to your Jekyll posts by adding it them to a subdirectory like /assets and then referencing that in Markdown: a screenshot example. There’s some more info on this over here: 🙂

Let me know how you go

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So sorry - but don’t work. the Directory Structure:

[Repro Test]



In the directory “_posts” is a markdown file “”. In this file i link the Image “pic.jpg” from the Folder “images”. How? There is no way that work. I habe no Problems, when  the Markdown File is in the Root and i write a static link to “images/pic.jpg”.

I read the Jeckyll Manual and i followed your link. But for my question there is no solution.



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Thanks for letting me know @petergyger,

Let’s check if adding a forward slash before the reference helps. For example:

![this screenshot](/assets/pic.png)

If that doesn’t help, let’s check if adding " " to before the first forward slash helps:

![this screenshot](../assets/pic.png)

The path of the link in github markdown follow the linux convention, so the second example that give @timrossback should work. If not you can give to us the tree of the projects/repository and we can help in a better way.

There is another way to link image, using the absolute path like this:

![this screenshot](




You win  :slight_smile:

I use the two dots and the Problem was solved.

Thank you very match for your kind help




You’re more than welcome @petergyger

If you need a hand with anything else, just let me know or feel free to post a new thread in the Conversations board 🌟

Have a great day!


Hi All

I am also facing the issue for relative link. following the same structre as above , only diffence is i need to link .md file from _pages/ to _posts/.md.

i can see .md file but not rendedered in HTML , its showing 404 error not found.

_post/.md file :

Please help.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Same issue here.

The nice thing about correcting the paths, rather than starting again re-adding your images if they have got ‘lost’, is that each individual image’s attributes when originally placed in the file, its size, offset, whether the image has a frame around it, etc is kept next to the reference to the image. Adding a new image requires all of these attributes adding manually again.

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