Image on readme, won’t show in app

I have this image on my GitHub repo:ändningsfalls-modell-version1.0-2021-01-27.jpg

It shows fine at:

But won’t show up at all on the GitHub app repo page:

Can this be fixed?
Or is it because I link to a image in my repo and need to change url?

is it on the README?

![ ](URL)

is that how you embed your image?

I used your image and it’s being displayed here, so it’s loading

Hi @pownas

It looks as though this is a known issue:

After some initial investigations we found that images using width and height attributes of the img HTML tag were actually not supported on mobile at the moment. We will monitor this space and make potential improvements when we have more bandwidth in the future.

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Yes, that is how it is applied on the But not showing up in the mobile app at all.

Code in readme:

Yes @canuckjacq.
It might be the same issue as that one.
But I’m not 100% sure if it’s the same error.

At least image ain’t showing up and it would’ve been lovely if it could work with a image in the readme on the mobile app start page for the repo.

is that the only image not loading? or other images are showing up?

Because there is also the possibility that it’s not loading on mobile because of the URL, as you can see, you’re URL path contains dot before the filename extension.


try changing the name of the URL without any dot, maybe just hyphen and see,

The trouble was that I had a ”ä” in the path of ”anvÄndningsfalls-modell” (use case-model).
Replaced that with a, and then all worked.

Thanks @xdvrx1 for pointing me in the right direction.
The Swedish åäö/ÅÄÖ, is not good in the image path… :confused:


yup, but I’m not aware you are using that, so my focus is the dot,

that’s actually in network programming, sometimes it will be resolved, sometimes not, so if you are not sure, just use the standard encoding,

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also, the dot or point, it may cause problems, we can never be sure of that, sometimes it will work, sometimes not