I'm trying to format text under python


Je suis francais, excusez mon anglais (Google trad n’est pas votre ami :))
Je voudrais formater le texte comme une ancienne base en 1980, lol
Afficher un grand chiffre centré sur l’écran.
Ma plate-forme est framboise, puis écris en python.
Ne me donnez pas le code, mais montrez-moi où je dois trouver le bon code.

I am french, excuse my english (Google trad is not your friend :))
I would like to format the text as an old basic in 1980, lol
Display a large number centered on the screen.
My platform is raspberry, then write in python.
Do not give me the code, but show me where I have to find the right code.

Thanx a lot

Sorry for my lack of French.

It sounds to me like you want to display your number with a large font size and position in the screen. Python “as-is” will produce only simple text.

So I see two options:

  1. ANSI escape sequences, to control the size, color, and position of text in a console window. For example, see print-in-terminal-with-colors

  2. Create a GUI. With a GUI, in a window, you can specify the font, size, and where to display in the window. TK is a way to create a GUI - see tkinter-how-to-set-font-for-text for some TK/font related stuff. Pygame would be another library for creating GUIs in python.

The Raspberry Pi / Raspian used to ship with “Making Games in Python” samples and code, you might look at those?