I'm stuck, and it's my first day on github, shame!!

Hi everyone,

I think I accidentally initiate git on the root folder, and before that I followed a tutorial to change the prompt to show the repo I’m working on…I was working on my first repo in a specific folder, but didn’t start it with a README.md file which didn’t show me the same output as I was coding along with that tutorial…then I decided to push a readme file so I did it, but on the wrong folder!!! Before writing the post I’ve searched and found the same problem happened to someone but they closed the topic and said that the “rm” command could delete a lot of data.


Here is what it looks like now!

please help me! thanks in advance.

You know what? I’ve figured it out!

I used the GUI: searched for .git and I found two instances that I have created, the one I need, and the other on the root file. And I simply deleted the latter. I’ve put the reply maybe a new user like me would find it helpful.