I'm not able to display my website

I am trying to upload my files but they aren’t showing up-

here are my files: https://github.com/Sarveshdhumal/dicegame

And here is link: https://sarveshdhumal.github.io/dicegame/

Hi there.  :wave:

Your site will be available at /dicegame/Dice%20game/dice.html, the reason being is GitHub Pages works from the root directory. With simple HTML sites, by default Pages will look for index.html, if that’s not found it falls back to the README.md file.

To get your page to be displayed at /dicegame, I would move the files out of the Dice game folder into the root and rename the dice.html to index.html.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

The %20 is the encoding for the space in the folder name FYI if you were wondering about that.

Thank you. It was really helpful:)

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