I'm new to GitHub and I want to make a repository to fetch my website

Ok, I’m new to GitHub (and don’t have any kind of coding experience) so I want to start by doing something simple: I want to create a GitHub repo to simply fetch my website (https://aboutrock2.godaddysites.com/)! Afterward, I will integrate “Cloudflare Pages” into the GitHub repo (so I can run it through the Cloudflare network)! But first, let’s focus on getting the website fetched! I’ve already created a GitHub repository (but haven’t added any files to it yet!) The repo is embedded below (in case we need it later)

I’m looking forward to using GitHub!

I’m not very sure of your GoDaddy Website Builder, but maybe this is the one you are looking for,

It mentions Linux, and I have Chrome OS so I’m not sure if it will work!

check this out,


Well, I’m screwed, aren’t I?

Is there any other way I could complete the repo? Remember: I use ChromeOS

check this out,



Administrative policies on my Chromebook (yeah, it’s enterprise managed) prevent DEV mode from being enabled!

I don’t know if that means I’m fucked or what, but do you have any other fixes, maybe?

If I’m getting your situation correctly, this is the answer from Google Support forum,

If you have a Chromebook that has been issued by a school or company, you cannot remove the management. There are no hacks or workarounds. It cannot be done.

If you have a Chromebook that you bought, but you signed on with a managed account, then management has taken over your Chromebook. You will need to Reset your Chromebook - Chromebook Help and then never sign in with a managed account.

If you bought a used Chromebook and found that it’s managed, then return the Chromebook. It is the responsibility of the school or company that managed the Chromebook to unenroll the Chromebook from management BEFORE selling it.


So I can’t do it (unless they remove the management)?

which situation is yours?

if you know who to contact to remove it as managed by, say, the IT of the school or a company or a managed account,

but if that is an issued Chromebook, well, you can still request them but there is no assurance they will grant your request,

Yeah, but it’s probably very unlikely they will grant the request!

I suggest if that is an issued one by your company or school, and there is no solution, to buy your own, I used a very low-end laptop for 4 years, where I had learned everything, it was just an HP Celeron processor, and was very cheap,

you can pick, say an i3, which is not so bad compared to Celeron ( and still affordable ), and continue making progress, so you are free to install everything,

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I guess that would work!

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