I'm lost in the "pull request" course

Here is the last message:

It looks like you've commented, but the code isn't ready yet.

Luckily, you can change your mind about reviews. Go ahead and leave a review again, but make sure to select "request changes" this time.

If you would like help troubleshooting, create a post on the GitHub Community board. You might also want to search for your issue to see if other people have resolved it in the past.


At this point I am lost. I have no idea what is happening or what to do.
I will give up taking the course until/unless someone human helps me.

Hey there, @david263! I took a peek at your repo and it appears you submitted a review, but that review was marked as an “Approval” instead of a “Request Changes” which is what the bot was looking for. This doc explains the differences between the two options and where they appear in the user interface. 

We have a couple of options to recover: (1) you can open a new pull request and request changes or (2) you can leave the course and start it again. I recommend going with option (2) since the course will be asking you to work with the branch that’s already been deleted. To leave the course, start on the course page. On the top-right corner, click on the  Leave course option. In the modal that appears, check the box to delete your repo. Then, join the course again. 

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I will follow your advice, thanks. The reason I get lost so easily is that even though the bot may be giving me very specific instructions, I’m not yet familiar with the basic concepts well enough to always make the correct choices of interface manipulation. The bot seems not to recognize mistakes and have the ability to correct them. This is not a good quality in a teaching program, since learners always make mistakes.

Also, after a few steps I get quite confused and the diagrams that the bot shows are not helpful in resolving that confusion. The progress in the course is too fast, I guess, or else not well enough explained.

And that is just with the GitHub interface. It’s much worse using the “git” interface or GitHub Desktop during local development, since there are several added steps (such as “git add” and staging).

Finally, the GitHub Learning Lab appears to have no courses about how to use GitHub Desktop, and only one brief course about how to use “git”!

I have a need for much better learning tools, but they don’t seem to exist.

Hi@hectorsector, The bot instruction in pull request says to select “Approve” (step 5). I tried both approval and request changes before submitting review, neither solves the issue(bot does not give further instruction)

Screenshot from 2019-03-06 10-58-18.png

@farsanrashid sorry about that! Keep an eye on this post for updates on this issue.

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