I'm lost and need help

I’m taking the reviewing-pull-requests course, at step 2. It asks me to “On the pull request, click Files changed”. I can’t find the pull request. Is it on the same page? Elsewhere?

Also, the rest of this page is confusing. For example, there are two entries in red: “Review required” and “Merging is blocked”. I’m just a beginner and this course seems to be accelerating very quickly.

The pull request is on the same page of the project, is the third tab:

When you are in this tab you can find all the open pull requests of the project:

Choose one and you see all the informations of the pull request. Now you need to review the pull request, to do that you need to click on “files changed” (the last tab of the pull request):

Once you click this “files changed” tab you can see all the changes in the pull request, here you can add comments, suggests changes and so on. To do the review you need to click the green button on the right:

This button open a window where you can add comment, approve and request changes. One you choose what you want to do you can click the “submit review” button:

Explain the two entries in red:

  1. review required , this is a rule imposed on the project for which only if a review has been left is possible merge

  2. Merging is blocked , this is an implication of the above explained rule that simply says that you can not merge if the above rule is not met

The course was made to try to explain the basic concepts of github as quickly as possible. if these concepts are made with too much slow they would seem boring that would only lead to the abandonment of the course itself.

I hope I have been helpful


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Thanks for the help, but I continued doing things and got lost again. See my post at https://github.community/t5/GitHub-Learning-Lab/I-m-lost-in-the-quot-pull-request-quot-course/m-p/17518#M540 .