I'm looking for a partner to develop a app

I’m marketing specialist and I have a project. I did all my research and I think I have a winner. I need a web dev to partner with me. Im looking to build a dynamic website but the most important is the app that goes with it. My needs 

-a web/ios/android app

-a dashboard interpreting data from API from multiple website

-A educational page with videos

  • A virtual assistant 

  • A social media manager

To anyone who migth be asking if its worthed just go look and you will find out that the adult industry business make more money then hollywood in a year. Its a market that’s hard to get in but where opportunities are enormous. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Hi @hdconsulting01,

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Could we possible have more specifications? How can someone want to join in somewhat with none specifications?


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You are right i made some changes ! Thank you

WhatsApp +2348165236752 social media management and virtual assistant

i am also looking for a partner, which development language do you prefer

@hdconsulting01, Did you get what you were looking for?

Speak to you soon!