I'm getting "Pages on this repository are disabled." in Settings/Pages

I created a public repo “username.github.io” (with our github username of course) and in its Settings / Pages page, I get this error:
“Pages on this repository are disabled. Please contact your organization administrators”

Back Story:

Initially, I created a repo with the exact capitalization as the github username, i.e. something like UserName…, and then I ran into above error.

However, I then read that it needs to be all lowercase. I changed the repo name, but the error was the same. So I changed the name back to UserName…, deleted the repo, and created a new one with the name username… But the problem persists.

How can I enable Pages for this repo?

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Is the repository public or private?

It is public.

(I had deleted it after my post, but have since recreated it - the error is still there).

The error you’re seeing relates to an organization level setting under “member privileges”. This is there to prevent users from publishing organization content to the public:

ScreenShot 2021-08-12 at 13.27.30

It sounds like your organization has Public option disabled, which would prevent anyone in the org from publishing a pages site on <username>.github.io.

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That was it. Thanks!

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