I'm getting notified about releases of projects I'm not watching


I don’t know if it’s new or if it’s some A/B test, but this feature should not be turned on by default - I’ve had a Github account for years, and starred a ton of projects every time I see something interesting. Now I’m seeing releases of projects I’m not really interested in anymore, this motivates me to unstar them.

The absolute worst is that I can’t determine why I’m seeing those without watching the releases of those repositories, and how to turn it off.

I have a couple of popular repositories, and I do some collaborative work, so I like seeing my projects getting starred and being kept up to date with the pushes/pull requests this way, releases of random projects are getting in the way of that.

Are you sure you aren’t following that user or have set the repository to be watched?

I never get notified for a repository which I starred, only projects which I either watch or Issues/Discussions to which I participated.

That is a vaguely recent change, unfortunately I’d say:

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100% sure, I only follow a couple of close friends.

That explains it, you’d hope they’d make it known it’s a result of some recent change. There is already an option for that, why would they spam us anyway? I’m sure it’s some executive’s idea of “increasing engagement” or whatever where they just track how many times you click on the website or how much time you spend on it, thinking improving these metrics does anything other than wasting our time.

Wasn’t aware of that either. I used to receive GitHub news via some RSS channels that haven’t been active since a long time, so I’m missing out many new features. Email notifications tend to use too many different sender addresses, so it’s hard to create a filter to catch them all in my eMail client, and most of them get buried among the tons of email spam.

Well, at least these news are not showing in the Notifications panels. I don’t really give too much importance about my account’s Activity panel (maybe I should), and personally I don’t mind the idea of some news related to my past activities — you never know, they might bring attention to something interesting one would otherwise miss out.

But I also believe that these features should be fully controllable in the User settings panel, under Notifications (maybe they are, I haven’t checked recently if these updates also changed the panel).

GH features in the past two years have started to evolve faster than I can track them. Not only I’m missing out new features (unless they are Beta features highlighted in the WebUI, like Dark Mode, etc.), but you also need time to read their documentation to gain full insight.

As stated elsewhere, I believe that GH Docs should be version numbered and have a changelog, so that users can easily work out what has changed since last time they read them. Although they are not quite like API Docs, they are so closely related to tech features that IMO they qualify for this.

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