I'm can't advance in this lab: GitHub Actions: GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery with AWS

Hello to all and sorry for the english:

Actually i’m doing the GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery with AWS but in the step 6 in the part:

I’ve requested your approval on this pull request. Once you approve this, I will merge.

:keyboard: Activity: Approve pull request adding aws-config.yml and sam-template.yml

  1. Approve this pull request

But i can’t advance besides i ALREADY APPROVED the changes and the but the bot gives me this message:

Uh oh - you reviewed this pull request, but you didn’t approve it. Please approve it.

How can i force the approve? i deleted the repository many times and i can’t advance

Someone please help me

Thank you and sorry for the English


Hello @NervenCid! I’m sorry to hear about this. I’m taking a look now. Could you please share a link to the pull request where this is happening, so I can take a closer look?

Hi @brianamarie,

I am also facing the same issue.

Here is the link to the pull request. https://github.com/Swaraj2904/github-actions-continuous-delivery/pull/2

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for letting us know, @swaraj2904. I’ve opened an issue in the course repository so we can hopefully resolve this bug sooner rather than later.

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Hi @brianamarie ,

I have the same problem. I approved the pull request but the bot is not
moving to the next step.

Thank for your help.

Same problem with me, while waiting for the solution, you can follow this https://youtu.be/PYsZeFTdJ50?t=3305 to continue your lab. Hope this can help.

is there any news on the subject?
O got stuck as well :frowning:
How one can proceed further?

Hello! We’re going to be taking this course offline to address these issues, and we’ll repost it when we’re finished. Thank you for letting us know about the problem.