IGraph, Mathematica 10.0 and OCTAVE

Dear All,

I am busy with writing a paper on network analysis in general. Since IGraphM introduces a lot of useful complementary codes to Mathematica, I decided to use IGraphM for much of the analysis in my paper. However, since my Mathematica version is 10.0, I cannot use IGraphM. Instead, I tried to circumvante the problem and use OCTAVE. From within OCTAVE (or even Matlab) I can use Mathematica and possibly IGraphM.

Do you have any suggestion as to how I can use IGraphM within OCTAVE without needing Mathematica 10.0.+ version?


Hi @tebernus,

This appears to be homework. We want to help you get the information you need, but we also are concerned that just giving you the answer will rob you of the necessary skills you’ll need to develop. If you can describe the things you’ve tried and how they haven’t worked for you, perhaps someone can give you a nudge in the right direction.

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Dear Angela,

Let me explain you what I did so far that did not work for me.

  1. I tried to install IGraphM to Mathematica 10.0 knowing that it will not work because Mathematica 10.0.3 is the minimum version with which IGraphM will work (as stated in the set of requirements). so, expectedly, it did not work.

  2. Earlier in my other research I wanted to use MATLAB for numerical analysis as the model code developed was in MATLAB langugae (".m" files). But I did not have the right MATLAB version. So OCTAVE, an open source software from which I could use MATLAB, was the solution to my problem.

  3. I am asking whether IGraphM codes were also in MATLAB format (.m) so that I can use OCTAVE to run the IGraphM codes.

I hope this clarifies my problem and request.

With kind regards,

Tugrul Temel

Thanks, @tebernus for providing what you have tried. 

This will be helpful for those that may be able to help.

I wanted to also mention that if you don’t get the help you’re looking for from this particular community, you might want to try getting help somewhere that focuses onIGraphM. It’s definitely possible another GitHub user might have run into this same issue and can help, but the GitHub Community Forum focuses primarily on topics related to GitHub itself or collaboration on project development and ideas. We want to make sure you’re getting the best support you can, but this forum may not be the right place for this particular topic.

I did a quick search of the topic and found a few repos you may want to check out. 

Best of luck! 

Dear angel,

How can I check the few repos you found? Can you give me the link?



Hi @tebernus,

Sure!  Here are the repos I saw when I searched for IGraphM - https://github.com/search?q=IGraphM. 

Hope those are helpful!


Dear Angel,

Thanks a lot for your help.



Happy to help, @tebernus!

Good luck with your paper.


I wanted to note that IGraph/M does in fact work fine with Mathematica 10.0.

IGraph/M requires Mathematica 10.0.2 or later.  If you have Mathematica 10.0.0, then you also get the 10.0.2 bugfix release (it’s just a bugfix release that does not provide new features).  10.0.0 was a particularly buggy release, so you probably should upgrade.

As for Octave, it is a clone of MATLAB, not of Mathematica. Octave only runs MATLAB code, not Mathematica code.