Ignore repo from organization level webhook

I need a way to ignore a repository from an organization level webhook.

I have a repository that is automatically committed to by a bot which currently fires off a webhook (on the organization level) on a schedule, which I would not like as this clogs up the webhook server with meaningless commits. However, I have not found a way to do what I’d like without adding the webhook at the repository level rather than the organization level, which would be a tad inconvenient as I would have to add it to every new repository I make (deployment webhooks are fun, I promise!).

Would this be a feature request that I’d have to ask for or is it something I’ve missed? For now I’ll move them onto the repository level but if this is a thing I’d love to know!


Hey @LewisTehMinerz :wave:

Thanks so much for the post and for joining us here in the community!

So for the behavior of the bot making a mess of repositories you wish to not receive webhook updates, there may be an opportunity for the maintainer of the bot to provide some additional control.

For what exists already within the GitHub Ecosystem, you could simply:


…via the API.

But I suppose the concern would still be, will that bot re-add/subscribe the repo when it kicks off again? Without knowing the bot, its hard to say! I would hope that it wouldn’t re-add after deleting and only the initial org-level subscription to the hook action is what’s applying the hook to the repo.

Let us know if you can leverage the API in this way, or if the bot re-adds the hook to the repo you wish to ignore.


Ah, I might’ve been a bit unclear in what I meant.

We have an organization-level webhook for commit information and automatic deployment of repositories. The application we have installed commits on a regular schedule to update information about service status in order to provide a status page. Unfortunately, this triggers the organization-level webhook every time it runs the schedule. What would be desirable is a way of excluding repositories from an organization level webhook in order to prevent this.