Ignore Merge Conflicts and Accept Pull Request

Hello, recently I had a contributor add a few comits to our GitHub repository (https://github.com/VenkSociety/More-Models). The commits are all fine, I’ve checked them myself, but it is still appearing to have merge conflicts. The only difference is that I made around one or two commits afterwards and their pull request undoes them.

Is it possible to ignore the merge conflicts and just proceed to accept the pull request. It’s really quite a hassle.

Thanks in advance,


What do you mean by “ignore” the merge conflicts? The whole point of merge conflicts is that the system can’t figure out what the right thing to do is and needs some guidance to ensure that you don’t lose valuable work. There are a couple things you could mean by “ignore”:

  1. Make master look like the tip of the branch in the PR, thereby deleting the changes you made since the PR was authored, forcing you to add them back as a separate step
  2. Perform the merge, leaving in the conflict markers for you to resolve as a separate step

Both would be considered “wrong” by some set of people and both require you to do additional work to fix the results, so I’m not sure how doing something like that would be helping you?

Of course, I could be misunderstanding completely :grinning: