If you see a question on github, should you

  1. Ignore it unless you have something to gain personally by answering it.
  2. Only respond if you know the answer.
  3. Always say something, anything, to encourage the person who posed the question.
  4. Ignore their question, because you’re important, have important
    things to do and can’t be bothered with questions by people you consider to be wasting your time.
  5. disagree with the sign above that is called Support Community? …think it should be called the “I’m not being paid by GitHub so people who ask questions should support themselves”?


Hi @billwi,

Thanks for bringing up this question about the GitHub Support Community. It sounds like you might be a bit frustrated by your experience with the Support Community. If so, I apologize and recommend that you submit a formal feedback request using the Feedback link on the right side of the screen.

To answer your questions though, the GitHub Support Forum is supported by a mix of Support Engineers and some very friendly and knowledgable users who are willing to ask question and help answer or discuss topics. By having a mix of users and staff answering questions, it means that our staff can focus on the most difficult questions to answer if the community is answering questions within their expertise.

If you are interested in answering questions, we do encourage a mix of posting replies that move along the conversation (such as asking clarifying questions) and solid answers to community questions. Answering questions and being active in the community can have its perks but we don’t require that of anyone. If you don’t feel like answering questions, you don’t have to.

I hope that helps to clarify our intentions with the GitHub Support Community. If you have further questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks!