Identifying how long a PR was open for before a user engaged with it

Hi I am already using the github api to get the time to deploy to production after a merge and also how many releases are done each month. I am trying to identify how long a developer takes to engage with an active PR. eg. A PR was open but the first comment on it from a developer was 4 hours later or a day later. I dont really care how long the PR was open just the time for the first engagement of a developer. Is this possible with the API ? Ideally I would only look at PRs that were merged to master.

I have the commit that was used to merge from a branch to master is there an endpoint that takes that commit and gives me the PR ? And then with that PR id I can get the list of comments that were made on that PR.

I have found this api endpoint which I think will give me my PRs against the commit


Does that response give me the comments for the PR or do I need to make another call to get that information ? Going by the docs it does not give me the comments against the PR.

So I ended up getting all the PRs using an endpoint and then using this endpoint for each PR to get the review comments. Its pretty spammy and would love a better way