ideas for a lightweight OS for mobilephone project

We are in the start pit projecting a new cellphone (small scale / art-project). An old-school, super easy phone. So the mobile processor will be from the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear series. The phone will have support for 4G/LTE, 3G, and Bluetooth. Other hardware will be a speaker, microphone, and antenna.

The functions of the phone is:

  • Receiving phone calls

  • Making phone calls…

  • SMS

  • Alarm / Clock

  • Maybe contacts, address book

  • Smart ink / e-ink touch screen

  • 1 button.

no apps, no fancy ringtones. No camera, no wifi, no facebook…

I’ve found lots of “lightweight” OS for mobile phones, but not nearly light enough. My expertise is mainly design, economics and marketing. I have about 5-6 years of programming, but not in this field.  We looked into strip a version of Android, although we assume to proceed carefully with this idea. So we don’t risk producing any legal obligations.

Any suggestions for direction on this project?

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Well, I’d  highly  recommend not starting from scratch and using some pre-made OS that you customize. If you don’t want to use Android you might want to use something like (or an alternative).