I'd like to use Tempest and theOath on Kodi

Sorry, i don’t know which category should i select.
Kodi is going to hell because in version 19 almost every movies/tv addons want to use real debrid. TheOath is good because it works without real debrid. You upgraded it so it doesn’t work on Kodi 18, not even on 18.9.
In Kodi 18 i was using Tempest. It was good too.

My weird wish: can you give me an older version of Tempest and theOath repository for Kodi version where Tempest worked? And number of this Kodi version.

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No worries on the category selection. I could see how it may be confusing on where to post. Because I believe you’re referring to this?

Kodi is hosted on github.com, but this Support Community forum is for GitHub itself, and not necessarily for the individual projects hosted on our platform.

You will likely have a better experience first by browsing open issues that may match your experience:

And engaging there. If one doesn’t exist, you might consider opening a new issue and sharing as much detail of your experience as you can.

Hello,plz i need someone with IT knowledge to make a chat