I wonder who wrote the GPG key two way auth procedure?

I really like to give a piece of … who wrote the document for Two Way authentication procedure using GPG keys, beefing up security procedure, I am still not able to push changes in my repository while I can be logged in to my account, I went to create an account on this website to Login - Duo?
and 2FA enabled and downloaded a few tokens. Using these token I try to log in while “push” statements issued to such changes in the repo but all avail.
To just update the repo I spent almost 18 hrs and still not got anywhere near to solving the problem?

In case you mean Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for logging in to the GitHub website, there isn’t any that uses GPG on GitHub. You don’t need a third party website either. You need an application that supports TOTP (Time-based One-time Passwords), I use KeePassXC for that. Technically it’d be possible to implement a website that handles TOTP, but it seems questionable in terms of security.

For pushing with Git you don’t need 2FA, you need either an SSH key if you want to push over SSH, or an OAuth token (usually a Personal Access Token) to push over HTTPS. In the second case the token is used instead of your password when Git asks.