I was removed from my own organisation

I created an GitHub organization long ago in May-2021 and invited an member with owner role (mistakenly).
After he kick me out and deleted my repositories. Isn’t this funny ? :grinning:

I took this case to Github tickets and they said:

Please bear in mind that all owners of an organization account have equal ownership and permission levels regardless of who was the original owner and all owners have equal permission to make administrative changes such as adding/removing other owners and deleting the organization.

I thought, owner can’t be removed from other admins, as owner is inventor. Isn’t there should be 3 roles (feature request) including owner (inventer), admin, local ?
Isn’t multiple owners are security threat ?

and isn’t owner (inventer) should have right to revoke decision (feature request) made by other members ?

Now what folks suggest ? I wanna take org back as adding an member as owner was done mistakenly. Github ticket cleared that they can’t act on my behalf, they can only contact current owner.