I want to write a "Game of Life"

Hello! I am newbie on java and android.
I want to create with hexagon.
Where to begin?

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What format are individual shapes stored in?

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There are tons of Conwar’s Game of Life implementations in the wild, many (if not most) are in Java.

Here’s a tutorial:

Careful lights , run to the hills, i got this now

Thanks, for a start it will be easier.

I don’t know how to write further.

So what is the next step?

I see you have:

  1. the board
  2. the rules to determine if a cell is alive or not

Have you tested your “rules” logic to see if it does what you want, for different numbers of surrounding cells?

A typical “Game of Life” follows this sequence:

  1. Set up a board
  2. Randomly place cells on the board
  3. Show the state of the board
  4. Execute a turn:
    4a. Scan the board and determine which cells will live/die
    4b. update the board with the new state
  5. Goto step 3

Possible next steps:
a. Randomly spread cells across the board
b. Figure out how to “show the state of the board”
c. Implement the check / update logic
d. Implement the “game loop” logic