I want to use buildozer in windows 8.1 pro, is this possible?

i am trying to develop kivy project, buildozer .
i want to make a android app using kivy, buildozer, python for android,

so, i bought “building android apps in python using kivy with android studio” BOOK published by Apress.

at chapter 1, writer build kivy desktop app IN LINUX Platform, and then produce android apps using buildozer, and python4 android.

but, i want to build kivy desktop app IN Window 8.1 platform using pycharm 2020.
, i succeeded in producing kivy desktop app in windows 8.1 platform using pycharm 2020,
but i couldn’t produce android apps using buildozer in pycharm 2020 terminal

some body say that buildozer support ONLY LINUX NOW,
SO you must do it at LINUX, !!!
If you want to do that , you must use VIRTUAL BOX TO simulate LINUX AT windows.

is this right ? so , do i must use buildozer in Linux only ?


It is already mentioned in the book that Buildozer is only supported in Linux and you cannot use it in Windows to build mobile apps.

You can still build the app in Windows and once you decide to release the mobile version, then you have to use Linux. You can run it as a virtual machine.

I hope that helps.