I want to stop custom domains from being applied to new repositories

I don’t understand English, so please excuse the DeepL translation.

I have one GitHubPages with a custom domain and
I want to create a new repository and a completely unrelated site.

But the custom domain is applied even in the new repository.

How can I do this?

Sorry if this is confusing.
Thank you in advance.

Is your custom domain configured in the repository for your user site (7name.github.io)? If yes, it’ll be used for all your repository sites as well, unless you give them another custom domain.

If that’s the case, renaming the user site repository so it’s no longer your user site should help.

it seems this repo should not be under that custom domain,

if that is the case, create an Org and it will be a separate one from your main account

It looks like the only way to do this is to use another custom domain or create it under a different account.

I thought I had missed something because there was not enough information.
I was hoping that the custom domain would not be applied to new repositories, but if it is the spec, I have no choice.

Thank you for your help. Thank you very much.

you don’t need to do that, simply create another org, it follows the same rule, when you enable GitHub Pages, you have a separate domain for that and you can even link that to your custom domain,


as if this is acting like a separate account but it’s not, it’s simply your org, even if you don’t have members,

just like my sample org


and it’s GitHub Page


see, there is not even jdevstatic at the URL