I want to send notification to all the user from my database?

I want to send notification to the users there In my MYSQLI database as the login to the dashboard or they are currently active

E.G: I the students in a school will get notification as teacher click on the button if the student is active in portal or when student will login to his/her dashboard he/she will get notifications

In Core php and jquery
I am not getting the way to do this Any help?

Since you already have your students registered in your local database, wouldn’t it be simpler to just email them whatever info you need to?

I think this would be more practical on your side.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by notifications, as in GitHub notification mainly pertain to GH notifying users when they are mentioned in an Issue, Discussion, commit or PR, or when some activity happens in repositories, Issues, Discussions, etc., which they are following; which is not like private messaging from user to user.