I want to link PRs to issues that I opened

If I’ve opened an issue, that gives me authority to close it.

So why can’t I link a PR to my own issues? Now I’ve got to go back in and do it manually in a month or two.

This seems like a simple enough thing to add. Are there any considerations?

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That’s write, you’re the creator of the Issue, so it’s fair that you can also close it (the repo admins can close it too, though).

Most likely because the PR is owned and managed by the repo admins. You can close your PR, but operations like manually linking it to an issue, or adding labels, etc., are all admin-side operations. This makes sense in that admins will most likely want full control over this type of repository features.

You can always use autolinked references in your commits messages to achieve this, or (as you did) manually add such references in a further comment in the PR thread (less than ideal, but it serves the scope).


Personally, I think it would be nice to unlock some rights to PR submitters, e.g. like adding labels to their commits and PRs, without requiring a collaborator role. In some projects I had to ask the owner to be promoted to collaborator to obtain rights to attach labels to Issues, commits and PRs.

Repository settings could expose some granular options for this, e.g. enabling permissions for PRs and Issues creators to add (existing) labels, or link the PR/Issue to some commits. Administrators could always undo these, if they don’t like them.

The extra repository features offered by GitHub (labels, Issues, projects, etc.) are really cool for collaborative editing, so (optionally) extending some rights to contributors would encourage active participation in the repository organizational aspects (albeit limited to one’s own submissions), rather than expect the admins to handle all that by themselves.

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