I want to know what is meant by14fe74f9e1f6.js:82

is it a IP address? This message is after I press the console on webpage.
Since I am newbie , and I don’t know what is going on and my computer receive certain log message about The 14fe74f9e1f6.js:82 message
The message is on below:

Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response https://graph.instagram.com/logging_client_events with MIME type application/json. See Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) - Chrome Platform Status for more details.
e.sendWithBeacon @ 14fe74f9e1f6.js:82
sendWithBeacon @ 14fe74f9e1f6.js:90
c @ 14fe74f9e1f6.js:89
(anonymous) @ 14fe74f9e1f6.js:89
v @ 24870d45b6e9.js:28

What is this ? Am my ig account under attack?

Hi @gan2044, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! This looks like the name of a JavaScript file that’s used to run the Instagram website. The file name is made up of random numbers and letters because it’s been compiled by a computer rather than directly written by someone. It’s likely a file that Instagram is loading to track user interactions but is being blocked by your browser’s security settings. I would probably say it’s nothing to worry about!

oh, I see, it is very interetsting…

I want to ask sendWithBeacon @ is what?

No, that @ refers to where the problem occurred. For example in

e.sendWithBeacon @ 14fe74f9e1f6.js:82

e.sendWithBeacon looks like a method call, and the rest of the line tells you the relevant call happened at 14fe74f9e1f6.js, line 82.