I want to find a methods to optimize the click path on my platform


I create a platform with different contents like dropdown selection, multiselection, options to click on, textfield and so on. And I look for a method how to create a decision tree (UI Pattern). It means what are the steps to create this decision tree which based on each of my pages? In generel I want to know the workflow to create a decision tree and on the second step I need a tool which can do this automatically, when I upload the hmtl files.

And with which Analytics Tool I can see how many people use the dropdown selection and what did they choose? Because on Google Analytics I can only see they visit the site xy but not what did they click on.


You might research “A/B Testing”, it sort of sounds like what you are trying to accomplish. “automatically calculating the decision trees” sounds like a paid program level of feature to me.

This might have some useful tool pointers:


Mentioned above, Google Analytics supposedly has a feature called “Content Experiments” which might help with part of your goals.