I want to be abble to run my HTML file

Hello , i m new to using github so please be indulgent with the questions posed .
I have a user account ealalin and I want to run my HTML running with a external App (edit with Thunkable) . To do this

I need to make a url call to my HTML file.

I have my HTML file , I can see the edition of it :

But what I want is to be abble to run it , I have try the following:
https://ealalin.github.io/ Tunkable-webviewerMessages/Webviewer-1.html no success
etc …
is there anyone who could help me ?

If you want your HTML page to be available under your github.io domain you need to activate GitHub Pages for your repository. For how to do that, see: Creating a GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs

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