I want back to old style repo page

seems new feature that the layout of repo page changes, showing two columns, README on the left and contributors, languege on the right.

I want back to old style repo page. How?

Hi @turnon! Welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

While the new layout is in preview mode, you can toggle back to the original layout by going to Feature Preview in the profile dropdown menu:


You can then disable and enable the Repository Refresh preview.

Of course if you have feedback about the new layout, we would love to hear it! You can let us know here:

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Can’t disable this feature now, new layout looks bad in wide screen.


It’s awe full. Please make a Chrome plugin to view Github in old style.

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I tried and I did not like it, so I disabled it, but now I’m forced to use it. WTF? Gimme old layout back!

@Real-Gecko we have rolled the new layout out to all users, so it’s no longer possible to revert to the old version. If you do have specific feedback please let us know here:


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