I want a small team to help me develop a game!

Hello!  I am looking for a small team to help me develop a game made with Python 3!  It is going to be a text centered life simulation game!  I am wanting a team of at least two (including me!) I need some people with at least intermediate skill in Python 3 and knows how to use Pythons file functions!  The name is Life:The Game.  Not very original but thats what I have and thats why I need a  team!   So I’m asking for your help here!  And I will soon enough make a Github repository!

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Have to know more!

I can join you. Do you have a storyline?

Like how much more?

The game doesn’t have story, it is a randomly generated game, so every game you play is different! Different names, deaths, etc, etc. It is random each time, to create the feeling of, “Wow, this is happening to me and me only!” The story morphs and changes randomly.

By text-centered do you mean it’s a series of questions, or some ASCII rogue-like crawler? If it’s questions then are the possible answers a series of choices or would you have natural language parsing?

Do you want to create a procedural story line? Seems fun, but not simple! Do you have already some type of algorithm?

If I understood it well, in python is “simple” to create a game that you called ASCII rogue-like crawler, using dictionary you can parse any words.

I’m interested in string parsing (currently practicing in it by writing a simple basic interpreter) so it would be cool to contribute. Mail me to [sensitive information hidden by moderator] when you create a repository - I’ll try to help.

No it’s not procedural. I’m planning to have events (that will affect the player, or they will not) happen at random.  just like real life, it all happens at random.  That is the hardest part.  It’s just getting all the different events down, what they do, etc. etc.  That’s why I need help!

Kinda.  There are questions.  But each event is _very _vauge because the game will randomly throw events at you.  Not all events have questions.  That is because the events are not like all the small ones every day, they are bigger events.  That is because I’m not dealing with all those small events.  That would be a huge pain in the ass!


I will wait a little bit, week or so, to gather people to help me out with the project.

So, if you are gonna help, comment on this and I will find a way to let you help me.

Github repository:

Life:The Game

remember either tell me here or on the repository if you want to join me!

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Maybe the name have to be revisited, there’s already games with same name.

Hey! I would like to join.

What would you suggest?

I will add you.  Don’t add anything though… I’m not ready yet.

Thanks! Maybe we should use slack or gitter channel for project-related discussions.

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The name come with the game :smileyvery-happy: I’m not very good with names…

Let’s use slack. It’s seems private enough for talking about the game in private!

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Also, I’ve sent you a Slack group thing invite