I used chrome and I did 3 searchs on github and I triggered the abuse detection is this OK?

I was logged in with my github user. I did 2 maybe 3 searches (using chrome) and the Abuse mechanism was triggered.

It’s not the first time. It happened at least 2 times before, in the last week.

I never saw this message before so I’m assuming this is a new change and I believe something must be wrong otherwise please advise what I’m doing wrong.

Please bear in mind:

I’m not using any external tools or scripts to search, only chrome browser.

I’m authenticated.

My browser is configured to block 3rd party cookies.

I don’t have any 3rd party relevant extensions the exception is the ad blocker (uBlock Origin).

Please Advise.

Thank you for reading.

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More information would probably help you to get a helpful response:

  • Screenshots of the error
  • Your usage pattern up to this point. You can say “I made 2 or 3 searches” but after 9997 others that could reach the limit…


thanks for your help.

To be honest I tried to email github support directly but the email was ignored pointing back to this community.

When I wrote 2 or 3 searches I meant literally, if your asking how many searches I did yesterday or this week I don’t have a number, but I don’t think I’m abusing the system.

But if anyone knows the limit or how to know where an account stands towards those limits.

Regarding the screen is like a 404 page: “Oh no” you trigger the abuse mechanism you need to wait one hour something like that.

I did all the searches logged on so I believe some clue must be in the github abuse detection logs…

I didn’t changed my search usage patterns and I only got this error 3 times all of them in the last two weeks.


For reference, I hit this a few days ago as well.

I didn’t bother complaining because I have enough tickets open to them.

I had triggered a couple of searches in a row and may not have followed any of the links, but may have gone to the next page. I was trying to find something / understand how things were being used, and the first couple of searches I made didn’t find what I was looking for.

I suppose to a very limited definition, what I did was bottish, and possibly a bit atypical vs my normal behavior, but not terribly out of my usual, in that I will randomly choose to search for things and look over results and possibly not nibble on any of them.

I was mostly afraid of getting blocked, so I kinda cooled down for a bit.

Hi @ppedro74 and welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

The abuse rate limit is designed to protect site performance for all GitHub users and is based on short-term activity (it’s not a long-term rate limit), so several computationally expensive searches in a row will hit this limit.

The best way to avoid these limits is to narrow the scope of your searches to only that which is necessary to get the results you want, and to space searches out over time - for example, by browsing through search results after each query.

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