I sent massage to contact for my account

sir, i’m very much decent user of github & i love git & guthub. But yesterday my account ahs been flagged but i dont know why . Then they wrote there that i can contact  if i believe this is a mistake. then i contacted 2 times since then but no reply yet. 

please sir, help me. i’m currenlty unable to work with my partner as my profile is hidden.

ok, github support team has reply with this email:

Morgan (GitHub Support) <support@github.com>
Dec 8 (1 day ago)
to me


Your account was flagged for posting a gist of license keys that appeared to be spam, which is prohibited by our Terms of Service.

We are a code hosting service and collaboration tool for software developers, and this activity violates our Terms of Service. We'll have to keep your account flagged for now. If you'd be willing to delete the gist, we'd be happy to consider reinstating your account.


GitHub Staff

And i reply this:

Now, i clearly deleted that gist which was causing this issue, and  i clearly didnot knew anything about it & I never intended to break the T.O.S of Github Inc.  My little brother was searching for the license  key and he found that on github and accidently create a gist with it for remember he said that. Sir, i’m a web Developer & moreover i’m a  php  developer & i use phpstorm with a  free student license key,  so i dont need another text editor besides phpstorm as it is an IDE. and sublime text comes with a unlimited trial, why would i wanted to  crack it , or wanted to get a pirate software. I am also a developer & if i do so, people will do the same with my product future.

So, that would be kind enough to grant my prayer & please unflagged my account asap. i deleted that gist as soon as i noticed that. and before  support team reply me.

i hope github will consider my conditions.

Hi @ta-riq,

We are unable to discuss private account information, including account status, in the GitHub Community Forum. Additionally, as a rule, we don’t intercede, overrule, override, or otherwise interfere with ongoing discussions with GitHub private Support. If you’re already getting responses from private Support, then you’re talking to the right people, and they’re the ones that know the situation and policies best.

For these reasons, I’m going to close this topic. I encourage you to continue conversing with private support if you have further questions.