I really need help

I am just a beginner but I have a project that cannot wait till I complete learning before I can execute. I really need a group of experienced developers to help with the development of this software

increase the visibility of your project on GitHub and Twitter and any other social media, and mention that you need help,

hopefully others will help

You could start by looking at similar projects, and study their source code, for inspiration on the methodology and how to tackle the problem. License permitting, you could also reuse part of the source code to get your project going.

I suggest you dig GitHub Topics to find similar projects, and the filter the results by the language you are planning to use. Chances are that you’ll find multiple projects similar to yours in nature. Maybe you could fork an existing project and adapt it to your needs, which would also help you learn, especially if you end up studying some well written code.

In the open source world, one rarely writes an entire project from scratch. Instead, you should do some research to find out which third party libraries you will need to build your project.

If you could provide more detailed information about your project, and the language you’re planning to use, chances are that people here might provide some useful tips on how to proceed.

Having said that, the chances of involving third parties into a newborn personal project are rather slim, unless you know those parties and have worked with them before. You’ll probably need to flesh out your project into something usable (e.g. a working Alpha or Beta) before others might take interest into participating.

The open source world can be roughly described as being the domain of either personal hobby projects — i.e. projects on which individuals work on their free time, out of passion — or open source projects which are being funded — i.e. projects were programmers are being paid to work on, e.g. via sponsorship of some businesses which depend on the software, or as part of their work as hired members of a company which, for whatever reason, publishes (part) of their software into the open source.

My personal advise, though, is that you should join an existing project first, to learn more about the required skills, and (most important) about how collaborative coding works in practice. If you haven’t had a chance to work as a collaborator on existing repositories, you might find it difficult to manage collaborators on your own project. Programming skills is only one side of the coin, collaboration is the other — and, I might add, one that requires practical experience, since collaborating is not always as easy as it might sound.