I need OpenGL Version>2.0 whereas windows-lastest has OpenGL version 1.1.0?

I’d like to know the version of OpenGL in the window-latest virtual environment. I tried to find it but couldn’t get that. I’m actually trying to work on something which requires OpenGL version >2.0 and my command reports it to be 1.1. Now since my commands have a tendency to give false results, I’d like to confirm if someone can help here.


The windows-latest runner is on windows server 2019, it only exposes OpenGL 1.1 to the user. I would recommand you to use a self-hosted runner which installed on your local windows machine with OpenGL Version > 2.0. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

I just ran into the same issue. You might be able to workaround it by installing the Mesa software-based OpenGL implementation. Looks like that supports OpenGL 3.1. Still wasn’t sufficient for my purposes though. I need OpenGL 3.3 or higher.