I need help with something simple for a programmer.

but I need to communicate with a programmer to help me, I have this template and in the images when I load the page I get all the images, but I only wish that the images appear when I choose a category.

<section id=“portfolio” class=“section-bg” >
<div class=“container”>

<header class=“section-header”>
<h3 class=“section-title”>Líneas de negocios</h3>

<div class=“row”>
<div class=“col-lg-12”>
<ul id=“portfolio-flters”>
<li data-filter="*" class=“filter-active”>Todas</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-playgrounds">Playgrounds</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-inflables">Inflables</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-mobiliario">Mobiliario Urbano</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-grama">Grama Sintetica</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-acm">Aluminio Compuesto</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-cerradura">Cerraduras</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-techo">Techos Policarbonato</li>
<li data-filter=".filter-lampara">Lamparas Decorativas</li>