I need help with bot making on Discord.

Which I have absolute no idea what it means. 

It’s just the base directory. If you are unsure as to what to do, you can always merge my PR here https://github.com/DemonWolfFang/DiscordBot/pull/1 by clicking Merge pull request. You’ll then be able to pull the changes into your project locally either by using a GUI Git client (like GitHub Desktop for example), or by using the command line  git pull. You’ll then see the changes pop up automatically and will know what I mean with the  .gitignore  file.

Using that preset code, I also encountered some problems. I don’t have my version of that preset code, but when I ran your code into Esprima, the result showed that at the line where it goes ‘“name”: “demonsbot”,’ the colon became an ‘unexpected token’. I have run into similar problems and I would like to enquire if anyone knows how to solve this problem. Yes, I did read the following stuff that was already posted but frankly, I have no idea what you two just discussed.

Old post, issue was fixed long ago. Running the code returning unexpected token means you’re either missing a piece of code or didn’t finish it.

But what exactly am I missing? Would you please kindly share to me your code for the package? And yes, I know this is an old post. I just decided to pick up coding recently and noted this down while trying to troubleshoot my stuff.