I need help using GIT

On branch master
Changes to be committed:
(use “git restore --staged …” to unstage)
new file: J1002.journal
new file: W1007.journal

I am stuck here. I need to import my .journals to Git Hub for a school assignment but I am not sure how.

That status looks like you ran git add on those files. That means you told git that you intend to commit the files. If they are all you want to commit for now, the next step is to make the actual commit (a record of your changes, in this case added files):

git commit

You should get prompted for a description of your changes. After you have saved that and exited the editor, the commit is done. Assuming your repository is already connected to one on Github you can then push, to copy your new commit to Github:

git push

If you don’t already have the repository on Github, you’ll need to create it first. After you do that it’ll show you commands you can use to push your local repository, you’d need the “push an existing repository from the command line” option.

If you’re going to be using git for class I highly recommend reading the Git Book (all online and free), or at least the first few chapters, to learn how it works and how to use it effectively. The commands I mentioned above are described in much more detail in the Recording Changes to the Repository and Working with Remotes chapters.