I need help using a Bot- I am not a coder

I am not a coder.
I just would like to use @sibalzer s "Vaccination Bot" I have no idea how to change the nofig file to my personal information. Anybody who has some minutes to help me out? I need to fill out that config file... Seriously, I have no idea what im doing.
BUT I would like to try that Bot!
Thanks a lot!

the personal data I would like to use:
my mail: (personal information removed by mods)
my password: password for what?? I do not know… placeholder: example1
my postleizahl: 31277
smpt server: ??
smtp Port: ??
;E-Mail Empfaenger Liste: ??

You should probably ask for help in the bot’s repository.

From the information you provided it’s also not clear which bot you mean. You should at least provide a URL to the bot.