I need help posting an open source project

Hi, I’m totally new to this world and need some community help!

I designed a tiny piece of software and hosted it on Kickstarter. It was well funded with many backers. However the software developers totally let me down. They took all the money and never completed the software.

I had to abandon the project as a source of revenue but I don’t want it to die!

I have (generous) permission from my backers to now to release it into the developer community as an open source project to see if you guys can do a better job than they did. But I need some advice on how to do this without it becoming a crazy sitatuion.

I need advice on what to post to the community, creative commons advice, best communcation platform etc.

Anyone who would like to be involved in this, please let me know.

It’s a cool little desktop utility that loads of people are already using - and it should be so much better than it is!

Peter Marigold.