I need Help / informations

Hello everyone, i hope everything is fine with you all.

So at first i would like to say im a computer engeneer but i barely know anything about programming, and i wanted to make a small local-hosted website of images slideshow that will be executed into full screen whenever i enter it and i will explain more :

the website needs to display Fullscreen slideshow animation images for about 5/6 seconds per image time and from a specific local folder like “C:/windows/imageshow” and whenever im in the website the images in that folder will appear on the website , and something makes the website scan that folder each 30s or 1m for any modification so when i add an image or remove an image from that folder the website will refresh and delete the “removed image” from the slideshow or either add it if i add new image.

I would love to have some help about this subject if its possible to make and what do i need of language to make it with or with what structure.

I appreciate any type of help or information i can get and thank you alot.