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The answer is that you don’t! If the site is preventing it’s for a good reason.

That’s unlikely the case, and if you read the site’s EULA (End User License Agreement) you’ll find that what you’ve paid for is the right to watch the video online, i.e. the video is leased to you as a service, and if you proceed with your intended plan you’ll be breaching that contract and will be eligible for discontinuation of your account and termination of service (if not liable to prosecution for copyright infringement).

And I saw some thieves using some tricks for picking locks, but that doesn’t make it legal nor ethical.

This being a community of software developers, which honor license terms, you are unlikely to get support for this type of activities, even though many (if not most) people here know how it’s done or which is the script/program you’re referring to (I know both, for example).

Many developers try these hacks as PoC (proof of concept) that it can be done, in order to spot vulnerabilities in these protection software tools, in order to improve them and make evermore harder for people to bypass them.

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