I need advice for this project


I am developing a real estate web platform, I am designing the site with angular but I have not yet developed the backend, I am thinking of using laravel, but do you consider that laravel is a good option with angular? Also, I do not know which database suits me best, If a relational like mysql or some NoSQL, I emphasize that the site is for real estate sales, which database would be more convenient?
It is my first project as a freelance and that is why I have these doubts.
I hope to see your suggestions and opinions.

The type of database you use would be dictated by the kind of data you need to store and access. Off-hand, without having a complete list of the data fields/types you think you want to access, I’d have thought a NoSQL database would be overkill. You’re going to have basic data fields like “owner”, “asking price”, “address”, “date on market”, “number of bedrooms”, and so on. A simple relational database should be more than adequate.

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