I need a roadmap of full-stack developer of javascript

hello guys 

I want to learn programming and i need roadmap of full-stack dev on javascript 

anyone can help me ?

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Hey alirezamzh,

Full stack developer = Frontend Developer + Backend Developer

Frontend Developer :-

  1. HTML/HTML5 (markup language)

  2. CSS/CSS3 (styling sheet)

  3. Javascript with ES5 and ES6

  4. Any framework of CSS like Bootstrap, w3schools, etc.

  5. Any framework of Javascript like ReactJS, Angular, VueJs etc

  6. GitHub commands

Backend Developer:-

  1. Server side language : NodeJS or JAVA or Phython or Ruby

  2. Also framework related to server side language : ExpressJS for NodeJS or Spring for JAVA or Django for Phython etc.

  3. Database : NoSQL like MongoDB

For learning purpose follow the same sequence as written above.


  1. Read Documentation for better understanding

  2. Follow Youtube tutorials like netNinja, Telusko, etc (opinion)

All the best

Thank you!